A Never-Ending Riding Story

Öl in der Pferdefütterung

Oil as a Part of Horse Nutrition

The addition of oil has become as common in horse feeding as mash: whether as an energy supplier, for a shiny coat or as a support during the change of coat. We will explain which oils are particularly suitable and why in this post.

Putzzeug richtig reinigen

How to clean your cleaning kit properly

In addition to saddle and bridle, which are used almost every day and are usually cleaned properly, the cleaning kit is the everyday tool of a horse owner. With the cleaning kit, the horse is cleaned, freed from dirt and massaged, but now lets be honest: How often do you clean your kit? We give you the best tips and tricks to clean your kit properly.

Das richtige Gebiss – ein Zusammenspiel aus vielen Faktoren

The Right Bit - A Combination of many Factors

The bit is the connection between the rider's hand and the horse's mouth. Since the horse's mouth is especially sensitive, the choice of bits should not be taken lightly. We provide you with information on the most common types of bits and the necessary know-how for the selection.

Pferdepflege im Winter

Horse Care during Winter

With the change of the seasons, the organism of the horses is not only burdened by the change of coat. The conversion from pasture to the paddock and the shorter days demand more attention from the horse owner.

Herbstzeit – Erkältungszeit beim Pferd

Autumn - Cold Weather for Horse

Short days, low temperatures and thick fur. As a result, horses start sweating easily during daily training and must be thoroughly 'dried' - otherwise, colds and coughing might be the outcome.

Alternative Heilmethoden Teil 2 – Kinesio-Taping, Akupunktur, Blutegel und mehr

Alternative Methods of Treatment Part 2- Kinesio Taping, Acupuncture, Leeches and more

Once conventional medicine fails or does not work as hoped, alternative methods can support and promote healing.

Alternative Heilmethoden Teil 1 – Zwischen Chiropraktik, Physiotherapie und Co.

Alternative Methods of Treatment Part 1 - Between Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Co.

Alternative medicine is usually ridiculed and dismissed as 'Humbug'. Purposefully and professionally it can be very well applied in addition to conventional medicine to achieve the best possible recovery.

Überhitzung bei Pferden - erkennen und vorbeugen

The Overheating of Horses - Recognize and Prevent

As much as the heat bothers us, animals suffer even more. We've come up with tips and tricks for you to weather the heat well with your horses.

Insektenschutz - was tun gegen kleine Vampire?

Insect Protection - What To Do Against These Little Vampires?

We've researched how you can protect yourself and your horse against horseflies and gadflies not only while riding but also on the grazing land.

Abwechslung im Gelände - Dressurarbeit mal anders

Variety on Open Terrain - Dressage Work Done Differently

We'll show you how to make the most of the terrain to help your horse relax outdoors while doing gymnastics.

Zusatzfutter - was braucht mein Pferd wirklich?

Supplementary Food - What Is Important For My Horse?

We will give you a rough overview of what is important, so you don't treat the feeding of your horse too lightly, and not too strict.

Sicher ausreiten im Straßenverkehr

Riding Safely in Traffic

During almost every major round, the rider-horse team can meet other road users. We have summarized the most important information about riding in traffic for you.

Pferde gesund anweiden

Bringing Horses back on the Grazing Land the Right Way

We have put together the most important basics for you so that your horse can enjoy the grazing season safe and sound.

Reitlust statt Winterfrust - Teil 2

Riding Pleasure Instead of Winter Frustration - Part 2

As announced in the penultimate article, we have put together the best alternation strategies for cold winter days, so you and your horses are guaranteed to not be boredom.

Homöopathische Stallapotheke für Pferde: diese Mittel solltest Du griffbereit im Stall haben

Homeopathic Stable Pharmacy For Horses: You Should Have These At Hand In The Barn

We present to you the five most important homeopathic substances you should have at hand in case of emergencies. This way they don't have to be procured at a pharmacy first when an emergency presents itself.

Reitlust statt Winterfrust - Teil 1

Riding Pleasure Instead of Winter Frustration - Part 1

We have asked around how working with your horse can be fun and full of variety during the dark season and most importantly how you can enjoy the winter safely. Here are the best tips and tricks for you.

Der erste Turnierstart

Starting in your First Tournament

Which preparations have to be considered and which is the right exam for me? We give you a few tips for your first tournament - so that everything runs smoothly.

Gesund füttern im Winter

Healthy Food for the Winter

We will give you a brief overview of supplementary food and tell you which herbs are best for your horse to get through the winter.

Winterpflege - Sattel, Zaumzeug & Co. richtig pflegen

Winter Care - Proper Care for Saddle, Bridle & Co.

In this post, I've summarized what you need to look out for, especially during the cold seasons, so that your equipment can survive it properly.

Pferde scheren - Die optimale Vorbereitung und Schur

Clipping horses - The optimal preparation and Clipping

We researched and summarized which components you should consider, how you can ease the procedure of clipping for scared horses and how to properly maintain your clipper.

Entwurmung beim Pferd - selektiv oder systematisch?

Deworming Horses - Selectively or Systematically?

There is not one right way, but we have taken a closer look at the treatment options.

Wenn die Haut juckt und kribbelt - Hauterkrankungen beim Pferd

If the Skin Itches and Tingles - Skin Diseases in Horses

The skin is the largest organ in humans and animals, due to the large surface, it is also particularly sensitive to diseases and external environmental influences.

Im Notfall muss es schnell gehen! - Erste Hilfe für Pferde

In An Emergency, Things Must Be Done Quickly! - First Aid For Horses

It is important to have at least a basic understanding in order to provide first aid to your horse. We have summarized the most important factors for you.

Was muss ich zum Reiturnier mitnehmen? - Die Turnier Vorbereitung

What Do I Have To Take To The Riding Tournament? - The Tournament Preparation

Everything you need to be optimally prepared for your next tournament. You won't forget a thing, with our detail oriented guide.

Wie putze ich mein Pferd richtig? - Der Pferdepflege Guide

How to groom your horse correctly! - The Grooming Guide

We show you why grooming your horse correctly and diligently is important and what you need to do to keep it healthy and happy

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